Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jakarta in January-Rain

Greater Jakarta is the heavy rainy day, this morning. It has been rainy since 3 am. As usual, flood and traffics congestion are being the bad effect. In East-Jakarta spot and around, I saw more than 50 cm to 1 meter deep of flood. It has been happening in Kampung Melayu area, Bekasi in some spot, Tambun and the circle and many more. This is a little bit of road along my worked-route. It was certainly more and more spot-flood in other Greater Jakarta.

Fortunately, I stay near Jakarta East Channel that links water flow from settlement to the channel and lastly in Java Sea it was ended up. So, though heavy rain was happened, it has been safe and do not panic with this. 

Flood and traffic congestion are the classical problems to Jakarta people. But, it does not mean we are not care. We must have awareness and confidence, starting from ourselves, having a healthy life and passion to change our life for a better. 

Here we go!

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