Friday, January 25, 2013

Jakarta's Flood & The Beauty of Solidarity

Flood in Jakarta is entering new phase. After last week flood is so high in deep, now it remains social problem which need participatory acts.

Through the media reports it is well noted that the Jakarta’s flood this time is disastrous. The city is paralyzed. Tens of thousands of people had to be sheltered at other places temporarily. Foods, blankets, clean water, the needs of toddlers and elderly are in high demand.

While encouraging the public officials to do their best in serving the affected people, we also notice that there are still many who help each other. Some run the ‘boats’. Some help the troubled cars and motorcycles, at least by pushing them to safer areas. Those who help may receive little rewards, but many still provide help for free. It is indeed such a beauty of solidarity among Indonesians in these unfortunate situations.

For those who want to help but can not lend their hands directly on the spots, you may contribute through:

* Dompet Dhuafa Bank Mandiri; Acc. No. 101.000.6475733; Name: Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa

* Urban Poor Consortium (Konsorsium Kemiskinan Kota) BCA KCU Kalimalang; Acc. No. 230-30000-97; Name: Konsorsium Kemiskinan Kota

So, paint your day with the beauty of solidarity!

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