Friday, April 19, 2013

Batik : The Symbol of Idealism

Hi, can’t wait for posting this topic!

Wearing batik is a symbol of freedom as well as a respect to our authentic cultural heritage. This is my reason why do on Thursday, batik is being my must-have outfit. As you know, my office obligates the employee wearing The Blue-Ivy Uniform on Monday and Wednesday (Fairly, I really hate it so much). And then on Tuesday and Friday we have to wear Batik Cloth. So, certainly on Thursday we have freedom showing our outfit what do you like, providing on limit of decency. And sooooo... my habits wearing batik on Thursday has been following by some officemates. It has been contagious. This is a real, batik is lovable and favored.

By wearing batik (short-sleeves one preferable) simplify us to move from one place to another. It is also suitable for the place with hot climate, moreover my office is located in the industrial estate which famous to pollutions. It also looks casual but not too formally looks. I was used to batik as an outfit to visit my clients which is need outdoor activities. 

Batik has been my part of life. At least, since 9 years ago it has been my cloth of pride. This is it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Stripes Mean Positive

Last day, on the early morning, I was surprised by my wife statement after she used a ‘Sensitive’ pregnancy test pack tool and it shows two stripes. It means positive she has been on pregnancy. I am certainly grateful after a year awaiting this. My sweet daughter, Aira now on 2 year 6 month, and we agree give her a bro or sister to play with. This is a bounty, and I am exceedingly cheerful to welcome my baby.

Curious to prove about this, to night I go to the obstetricians, Mr. Ichsan Ambiar. He has been my family obstetricians since my daughter was also treated by him. My wife choose him because of his experience (he is 55’s year old) in medicine and patient to care expectant women.  

Mr. Ichsan ensure and says ‘Yes’ you’ll get the baby’. Congrats! Hurray! Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Healthy Living on the Cheapest Way

Starting a healthy life is difficult thing, but it is not a bad thing to try. Hearing condolence news from my officemate passed away on young age because of stroke inspire and encourage me to do many things to create how to manage a healthy life. Actually, I have read so many books how important to keep our body and mind keep healthy on. But, talking about implementation is being a big thing to answer. When you will start it, and how do you manage it well? It is really haunted me.

Having a healthy life is not expensive.  So, here the way how to get cheapest healthy life at least according to my perspective :

1. Drinking fresh water after you wake up every morning at least 500ml water. Then, do not hurry to get breakfast. Give a rest approximately one hour to do. Pick the meal with less sugar and calories to enjoy your breakfast. Wait! Meal with less sugar and calories can you find on cassava, tuber or potatoes. These lists are not expensive, right? Compare these price to bread or kinda.. yeah, maybe it is more expensive than cassava and ‘friends’.

2. On 9 am, drinking fresh water 500ml is bounce back. Do not panic you will be going to and fro water closet to piss. it is better and a sign you are on a good metabolism system instead. Be a picky eater by choosing a good meal to eat : bean or nut are good idea to snatch. Please do not ever give a room in your stomach by eating junk foods. Junk foods mean evil. 

3. Make an exercise even though by up and down stair, or take a walk around your office or home. It helps you to relax your muscle so you can go active along day. 

4. Go out form your chair, make a movement. Sitting down too long will make your body being rigid. So, continue your day by having lunch with less-carbo meals and enrich veggy and fruits. Avoid cold drinks for your beverage. A hot one is better. Hot or warm drinks are evidently can reduce fat. Go on your drinks till you have 2 liter water a day. 

5. Make a banning to your body to stay away with the smoke(r) and something about alcohol. 

6. Balance your life by joining at social and religious activities. It helps you refresh and rejuvenate your brain and mind.

See! It is not expensive having a healthy life, isn’t it? What about you? 

Enjoy your healthy life!