Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A horrible accident I was met (picts sensored)

Hi, Well come back
I have a horrible story about an accident I was met this morning.

Almost every day, I go to my office through Jalan Baru Bintara Bekasi. This is shortcut to Bekasi from Jakarta. Jalan Baru Bintara is a hub to connect Jakarta and Bekasi through non-toll road. So, in this road, we can find motorcycle, “angkot”, bus and heavy-vehicles riding fast –even very fast.

This morning, I met an accident involving 3 motorcycles and a mini-van at Jalan Baru Bekasi. I saw the biker – I guess  they are a couple who wants to go to their office, injured and could be ensured, they was died. How’s  pity their kid in the home… Another biker, I think a young people, also injured and was died. Some people who passed the way, covered the victim by a paper or a cloth. I saw the blood dripped out from the mouth of victim constantly.

I feel really sad, watching this moment. I can describe how is pity the victim family. This moment also make me more careful, riding the motorcycle, especially in the busy time…