Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrating The Bday In The Hospital

Finally, my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday in a hospital after the pediatrician said she got an acute dehydration. She lied on the bed with drip hose on the right hand. I really disappointed and worried after a blood test shows an anxious results : drop in platelets continuously. Two nights in hospital was spent by horrible blood test. She cried wants to take off the drip hose and go to the home. But, the pediatrician said she should be intensive to care.

During two days she was treated, she could only silent. She lost a lot of tears. But, on her silence, she believed people around her, love her much. Get well soon my angel…daddy loves u!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Really The Inspiring Employee?

Last week, I was crowned as The Inspiring Employee of the Year on the Office Gathering Events. This is my same fourth achievements after 4 years formerly, the respondents vote me as a favourite. My boss on their speech, advised it is just not a tittle but more, everybody who was selected should be inspire many people both in works and attitude.

Actually, I do not think more. I do my daily works as usual. Doing my jobs as job desk. Not more. Hope inspire you much…