Friday, March 22, 2013

Marchectic is Coming!

Yay! March is coming. It is the individual tax return due date. As usual, we are stucked in this event. If you have Individual Tax Payer Number (NPWP), please return your tax form to the nearest taxpayer office or dropbox corner in some spot area. This year, because the due date of March 31st falls on Sunday, so the due date foward to the worked-day before (March 28th). 

Ready for this annual big event, I call this month as Marchectic -

Monday, March 4, 2013

City with Congestion - An On Desk-Traveler Note

Hi, World.

Last week, I was being participated on The Annual Coordination Meeting which was held by Three Regional Offices in West Java and Banten Province. This was the first big scale meeting I had ever. Unusual, it was held in Head Office involved a hundreds employees from three regional offices. 

Actually, I do not want to tell you the meeting you care about. But, about the journey cross along to the Head Office. I really enjoy the jam of the city tough it is scared. The city is poorer by the bad traffics and jam. On the peak time, between 7 -8 am and then 4 -6 pm, the city is haunted by congestion, social problems, and high-air-pollution. 

Social Problem? It is the classical problem of the city. I noticed in some bus station spot, beggar and vagrant are being a common sightings. Continuing by performance of street artist who annoying the hearing. Actually, this is a real social problem.

---- to be continued