Monday, March 4, 2013

City with Congestion - An On Desk-Traveler Note

Hi, World.

Last week, I was being participated on The Annual Coordination Meeting which was held by Three Regional Offices in West Java and Banten Province. This was the first big scale meeting I had ever. Unusual, it was held in Head Office involved a hundreds employees from three regional offices. 

Actually, I do not want to tell you the meeting you care about. But, about the journey cross along to the Head Office. I really enjoy the jam of the city tough it is scared. The city is poorer by the bad traffics and jam. On the peak time, between 7 -8 am and then 4 -6 pm, the city is haunted by congestion, social problems, and high-air-pollution. 

Social Problem? It is the classical problem of the city. I noticed in some bus station spot, beggar and vagrant are being a common sightings. Continuing by performance of street artist who annoying the hearing. Actually, this is a real social problem.

---- to be continued

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