Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Baby Come to The Office, What a strange?

In the morning at 10 am, when I opened window from 2nd floor, I looked a mother with her baby. She sat down on the parking area. She stroked baby head carefully and repeatedly. Her baby -- I guess 3 month years old, looks tired. A mother, with her baby scarves looks happy. She can carry her baby going to outdoor.

My office is located far away from the settlement. On the contrary, it is located near the industrial complex. A public office should be located close from the settlement, so they can reach the office easily. So, we can not see a baby come to the office. How’s pity…

Learning English by Browsing Official Web Tourism of The Countries

Hi,  I’m come back to learn English with many passion. Today, I browse a lot official web address from a whole countries in the world. I browse Turkiy, India, Japan, Australia, Ghana, Nepal, Spain, Kingdom of Bhutan, Czech Republic and many more. I notice best delightful web from India, it was very colorful, simple but chic, and comprehensive to describe a country with many variety ethnic and folk language. India now, is grow as a new world economic power.

Besides India, I browse Turkiy, a nation with secular – democratic feature. It was a look like blue nation, something new in Turkiy just you’ll find is all about Blue Mosque with many delightful ornaments in the wall.
Another official web is Maldives Island in the Indian Ocean. What a beautiful nation here. It looks like green carpet from above. A splendor scent which covered by many white sand beach, a hospitality in every moments and magnificent resort you can find here.
Tourists here can do something new like celebrate honeymoon, travelling,  and fishing. Maldives Island also offers experience in snorkeling, diving and others sea-shore adventure.

And finally, I found Indonesia, the biggest archipelago in the world. The official web offers many destination to visit. Started by culture tourism, nature with delight panorama and hospitality people in everywhere. And then you should find new atmosphere in urban city like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Jogja, Medan and Makasar which is famous in culinary.

Indonesia is well-known as a good place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Should I do Reduce My Weight?

I am 75 kg, but I want less more. I have a problem in stomach. It looks distended. I have no self confidence to show off. I read a literature and It is not good enough. It is adorable, I should reduce fat, junk food, fast food and others frying foods. (do) you want to try?

What’s the meaning of birthday?

Finally, I have been standing here... because today is my birthday. There is a cake special gift from my wife. But, that is odd. I have never celebrated my birthday. After cutting my birthday cake, I was praying. Something can be better than ever. May prosperity cross along through the year.

But, the question is : what’s the meanings of birthday?
1.        Evaluation, it is easy to talk something had ever, but it is tricky to do something will happened.
2.       Retreat, I missed praying in the middle of night when tear falls down to regret sin
3.       An ordinary day, where you can give back something more…

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It is not good to look for a living with cheat!

It is dangerous to state your phone number in publics area. I have an experience just now. I advertise my home in an online web. After it was registered, some people send message. They admitted having interest to buy my home and want to make big deal! What?
And this is not the first. I have an experience like this last year, after I post my ad in same online web. How dangerous with this? Maybe, I am include as aware-and care with this. Otherwise, what is happened?

So, if you receive some message from unknown number offering you likely to transfer some money, please ignore it. There is something wrong with this.

So, the moral messages is you should be careful to state your private number to publics...