Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi, The Cheesecake Factory was opened in Bekasi!

After bombarding by several culinaries was opened their branch in Bekasi, now it is The CheeseCake Factory’s turns.  It was opened on Sunday, August 5th, after formerly it was popular in some place in Jakarta. This is a place for those who are concern about quality and taste, especially for cake lover. Located in Jalan Raya Kalimalang 42, Bekasi, closed from city center, just 5 minutes from Bekasi Barat Exit Toll, in this place you will find cakes with many topping : mixed fruits, powder sugar, chocolate truffle, and many more.
One of highlight products of The Cheese is The Rainbow Cake. This cake is currently being trending topic at social media and cake lover community. The unique shape of this cake, added by soft and sticky sensation, was this cake made popular and preffered by all ages. This is a cake with four bright layers of joy in one bite, completed by layers of Cream Cheese and topped by unique White Chocolate Mousse.

This is the phenomenon cake  :) pict was captured last day…

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