Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Mudik' Euphoria

Time runs fastly, and Ramadhan will be ended. On the other hand, heading to The Ied Mubarak Day, time runs slowly. It is the last work day on the Ramadhan this year.
Along the way up to my office, exactly some people call ‘Pantura’, there are so many motorcyclists who want to go to their hometown (mudik – derived from going to udik / village) to gather and celebrate Ied Mubarak Day with their family. This atmosphere feels so real after crossing the Kalimalang street during East Jakarta to Karawang, West Java.
I feel happy as well as they are. After one month they nourish their body and mind through Ramadhan Fast, it is time to celebrate their victory on Ied Mubarak….Happy Taking A Mudik Day, be Carefull Heading to The Home… Happy Ied Mubarak…Taqaballallahu minna wa minkum…

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