Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Stripes Mean Positive

Last day, on the early morning, I was surprised by my wife statement after she used a ‘Sensitive’ pregnancy test pack tool and it shows two stripes. It means positive she has been on pregnancy. I am certainly grateful after a year awaiting this. My sweet daughter, Aira now on 2 year 6 month, and we agree give her a bro or sister to play with. This is a bounty, and I am exceedingly cheerful to welcome my baby.

Curious to prove about this, to night I go to the obstetricians, Mr. Ichsan Ambiar. He has been my family obstetricians since my daughter was also treated by him. My wife choose him because of his experience (he is 55’s year old) in medicine and patient to care expectant women.  

Mr. Ichsan ensure and says ‘Yes’ you’ll get the baby’. Congrats! Hurray! Alhamdulillah.

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  1. waaaa......congrats.. mas edi,
    as u wish...u'll get another baby sonner