Thursday, January 10, 2013

We & Risa : A Reflection for Parents

Risa was a fifth grader and the youngest child of a scavenger couple. She had complained of pain and suffered from high fever and seizures for three months. She eventually was admitted to the Persahabatan Hospital in East Jakarta on Dec. 29 and remained in a critical condition until she died on Jan. 6, allegedly due to brain inflammation. Doctors treating her discovered severe injuries to the girl’s vagina and rectum that they were probably caused by “a forcefully inserted blunt object”

Risa Case is not one and only. This is a peak of child sexual abuse. It can happen to anyone of our children around us. So, for preventing it, check this tips :

1. Do not ever let our children go and play outside alone. Confirm their friends and with whom they go and play.
2. Complete their bag with hand phone or other for easy communication.
3. Make a banning to play and go after 5 pm. This is important, because most of criminality was happened at night time.
4. Accompany their activities that is placed on remote area.
5. Educate our children with good attitude, positive mind, discipline and build strong mentality & character to heading a problem, even tricky problem.
6. Do you want to share your tips?

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