Thursday, June 7, 2012

After almost 5 years goes on...

I have been waiting for the moment, but actually my name has not will be written there. Okay, this is a rotation. I believe, this is the best plan for me. Though someday It makes me boring, I do really enjoy my job and my place till now. I am not sure If I had a new place, It would be nice or better than now. In my mind, someday I do feel haunted by voting the worst between the worst. Will I get a new place but I am not comfort, or keep stay here but I do enjoy this? Actually, my heart says, here is wonderful place where I can do something by doing a relax, busy or hectic job.
Think about my place now, I should say thank to God, cause He blessed all my wishes. For almost five years, here, I experienced by knowledge, social hub, emotional things, leadership, publics speaking and many more. My place is also located far away from bustles and hustles, not far enough from my home and I avoid from bad traffics jam. So, I draw a conclusion, go away the sorrow… and let it flows.

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