Thursday, May 24, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Forget about your failure last day… After working hard all the day, now it is time to enjoy and indulge yourself by getting more and more saving. I heard a good news for my grading upstep to the next level. It means, I earn Rp 310.000,- monthly add. Oh, I thank a lot to God for this bless. May I spent a lot for my zakat.

And next, finally I make a big deal to sell my house and get a lot ‘gain’ after 7 years capital gain up. No, I say ‘gain’ because it is rarely or… seldom somebody call ‘gain’ in the land property. But actually, I do agree with this. Just for example, I spent Rp 80 million for my house in 2004, and this year I sold it Rp 180 million. At a glance, I earn Rp 100 millions gain. The question is : Can I buy a similar-type house with Rp 180 million for now? Should I spend Rp 100 million for my pleasure?

Of course, fortunately I am not a shophaholic or… addict to spend my money for my pleasure. This is a habit problem. Not difficult, just change our mindset become a financial adviser to yourself, and make your money not worthless.

This is it.

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