Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Local Brand with Global Taste

I read an Indonesian Largest Community Web, Kaskus. Here, I experienced with a show thread told about Local Brand but Having Global Taste. The products are variety and closed surrounding us. Some of them are familiar, and others are strange. From its name, we do not know, we guess it is world-wide brand, but actually it is a pure local brand. Do you want to know?

Here, I summarize the thread for you!

1.        Hoka-Hoka Bento
Hoka-Hoka Bento is a Japanese Restaurant which serving Japanese Menu. If you take a walk in a city, you’ll find it easily. Hoka-Hoka Bento was established in 1992, now has 75 outlets and it spread from Aceh to Makasar. It employs more than 1.000 employee, Hoka-hoka Bento is well-known as a king of Retail Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia now.
2.       J-Co Donuts
Guess what? What is J-Co stand for? Well, it stands for Johny Andrean Corporation. Johny, is formerly famous as beauty businessmen and now he has another kingdom business in bread and donut field. J-Co Donuts at Mal Puri Indah, West Jakarta is the first outlet in Jakarta, and now it has been growing in almost every shopping center in  some big cities here. KL and Singapore is the foreign cities become the pilot project. And, fortunately, he has a big successful. His dream is make J-Co to be the leader of fast food company in Indonesia.
3.       Polygon
Have you ever riding a Polygon? This is very shopisticated bicycle with world-wide taste. Nobody would have thought, Polygon is produced by PT Insera Sena, Sidoaro, East Java. It was hired 1.500 employee. Polygon has 25 type of bicycles and most of them are exported to China, India, Singapore and Middle East countries. A little of product is consumed to domestic market.
4.      Polytron
It is the brand with western sense from its name. But, Polytron is pure local product. Polytron is produced by two local factory, are commanded by PT Hartono Istana Teknologi. The factories are located in Kudus and Semarang, Central java. This is the local product having the best achievement in technology. This products also to be the alternative brand, at the same time is being a competitor of Japanese Brand like Sony, Sharp or Korean, Samsung. Bomba, is one of masterpiece of Polytron product, has been legendary until now.
5.       Eager, Bodypack
The adventurer must know about this product. Ok, this is a brand has a specialization in adventure equipment. Eager and Bodypack is produced by PT Eagerindo Multi Produk, Bandung, West Java. Bandung is well-known as garment and fashion industry.
6.      California Fried Chicken (CFC)
Do you think CFC is derived from California, USA? Well, I think so. But, do not think so. CFC is local product with the western name. CFC was established in 1983 and now has 45 outlets in some cities in Java.

Now or not, anyway, We love Indonesian Product!

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