Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to The New Hope : 2012

Hi, Welcome to 2012, This is the first work-day in 2012. I open the window and the blue sky appear sparkle. Ya, this is a year with new hope, passion and happening new. I intend to make everything will be ok. So, let us start from a little thing. A big thing will be successful if a small thing can be successful. And we should have a brave heart to start from now.

I finished the 2011 very good. Allah blessed my wishes. I do not think to make it useless. I wish a little, but Allah blessed more. I think near to something, but Allah wish closed than ever.
And, the story goes… there are my resolution @ 2012 :

1.       Registered as a hajj pilgrimage, but Allah has willing when I have to be the guest. Of course, my wife follow me.
2.       Pay off my debt in several banks. This is important, and then I can save a lot of money…
3.       Moving out from this office and get the next office having a good place to expand my career
4.       Can give more in charity
5.       Hope my family can reach successful, healthy and live in prosperity
6.       Be a caring husband and super dad, acknowledge by my daughter and my wife (love them…)
7.       Having a house for rent

May Allah bless our wishes...

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