Monday, October 1, 2012

'Rohis' Issue Vs Students Brawl

Last week, we were headed by hot issue about ‘early doctrine terrorists’ who was involved national TV station MetroTV versus Islamic Organization of School (Rohis). MetroTV was allegedly to slander ‘Rohis’ as a place to doctrine young terrorist through its statement. Organization ‘Rohis’ of Jabotabek protested and prosecuted MetroTV to revoke the statement. Ignore MetroTV whatever they was forgive or not, because Rohis has been already angry with this! MetroTV seems indiscreet ‘Rohis’ as a useless organization.

And see what is happening now. Classical problems of youth  : student brawls. Two students died in a week, and others were critical. We didn’t know who was wrong with this, School or Family. Perhaps, both of them have been falling down to build next generations. School and family should responsible for developing youth to be a strong and unbeatable generations. It has big role to ‘grow’ next gen so that they do not stuck on social problems e.g. drugs and brawls.

Thus, ‘Rohis’ has a role to build mentally of next gen than they’re involved to brawls. MetroTV, please do not demoralized their fight.

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