Thursday, September 6, 2012

No, Thank You!

This evening, my boss asks me to be a MC on coffee morning event that will be held tomorrow. But, I firmly refuse this job. Actually, I have ever been a MC on several events in my office. But, I have reason to do it. Firstly, I do not think I can. Speaking is easy, but speaking in front of publics is difficult. Let me show you how difficult it is. If you tell a story with your son or daughter, you speak fluently. They understand what did you want. But, If you speak with others, I am not sure, they would understand what did you want. Speaking in front of publics need patient, universal theme and desire that they want to.
Second, after 5 years I have been here, there is no person wants to replace this job. Of course, it makes me boring. My boss should proggressively offer to all people here to accustomed being a MC and then next generation will be found.
If you could not to do, it is prefer say “No Thank” and I am saying "Sorry" it seems to be the hardest things for speaking in front of publics. This is my choice :)

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