Tuesday, September 18, 2012

By Blogging, What’s your Passion?

I am currently writing my blog in the middle of my hectic-working days. Of course, this is a challenge. As a civil worker, I have a regular work hours, start from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm every Monday to Friday. Sometimes, I have an outside job desk that requires high mobility. I am consistently writing social issues, daily activities, and other interesting news maker, around me and surrounding me.

I have a passion, by blogging I can go around the world with many hopes. I previously read famous blogs, and most of them achieved their dream by blogging and blogging. They are advantaged by  sponsorship to join an annual meeting for journalist, blogger and social activist. Sponsorship select a blogger which suit to their mission and vision. And then, they’ll be invited for journey and long-road trip. Of course, this is awesome journey both of domestic or overseas.

Blogging also encourage me to record ‘highlight’ activities which happened in my life. Beyond, it will  being a little note which could inspire everybody whoever read my blog. Shortly, my blog is my idealism. It works by heart after seeing, listening and finally decide to write. I am writing by spontaneity, not pretend. 

And lastly, by blogging I can earn some money. It seems a trivial, of course. But someday I intend to create this passion by blogging.  I experienced by selling some product when I was a student and this will be fun, because I love how to satisfy people by selling a product. And what kind of product will you sell? The answer is idea. By selling ideas, it diverse many unlimited products, such as goods and services :)

This is my passion, what about you?

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