Friday, February 7, 2014

Home base or Advancement?

What is reason of you to keep your career being upgrade? Yup! Many people said : salary or advancement. But others said : good corporation. So, what is your choice in between? Nothing. I choose home base. Ha ha

Home base is identified as a work office where is closed to our home. I said it is so important to charge energy as a modal of your jobs.

But, home base is not fully criteria to grow up our career. It is depend on you. Home base can be an enemy if you could not manage yourself. It is hard to say, but it is the real. Some people is precisely being up down after they get home base. There are no productivity, instead cooling down.

I am thankfull for more than ten years I have been here, getting work office near home base. I can do many activities after working hour on 5 pm with my kiddos, also spending more time to holiday in weekend. This is expensive, not every people can do.

What about you?

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