Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Paranoia

Today I was cried after seeing my account total amount. Yes, this is a big case, and actually it will be annoying my finance. I have finished my debt last month, but why  do auto-debet machine system is valid? This is a poor mistake of the bank. And I say, It is really do ‘kampungan’ bank (what kinda of ‘kampungan’ I should say in English? J

Well, I would not like to mention what name of this bank. But, I advise, before you take a account number in a bank, check it out about bank’s reputation, best or even worst about IT System, intensity of over capasity in peak seasson, and many other considerations.

I think, as we know, this bank is not perfectly serious to delete the blocking system. Desperate to prove it, I complain this case to the head of bank, and they say, perhaps the clerk forget to delete the blocking system? ….WHAT? Should I angry with this? Should I accept this incoherent reason?It is really totally fool tough humanism reason is acceptable.

Well, I clear my case after I do direct-access complaint. And remembering to Ramadhan of the day, I should not be angry cause of this. Smile….(kinda paranoid)

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