Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tugu Tani Tragedy in My Opinion

This week, most of headline newspaper in Jakarta present about terrible accident was happened on Sunday (22/1) and hits pedestrians, 9 victims died. Afriyani Susanti, the driver now arrested by the police and according to the police, she was under influence of drugs.  According to the news, she did not have a driving license, couldn't show any legal car documents, and was driving at a high speed, 100 kms/hour, right in the center of Jakarta.
This accident makes me very sad and angry, as it is such a stupid, senseless waste of precious human lives! My deepest sympathy and most sincere condolences go to the bereaved families and friends of the deceased.
The big question is : Is it right that Afriyani was driving under influence of drugs? Why did Afriyani did not permitted to interview to clarify all of this? Why did the police refused to release any further information regarding the driver’s identity? There were a lot questions to unveil the real story...

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